Phase 2 Ground Investigation

We can design and undertake intrusive phase 2 ground investigations of brownfield and green field sites, ranging from collection and testing of a few samples to comprehensive surveys, using a range of exploratory techniques, following guidance defined in the latest standards.

We have conducted Phase 2 ground investigations for Wind Turbine Site’s, Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Housing Developments, Highways and Warehousing amongst others.

We can fully assess the levels of contamination risk at your site, carrying out fieldwork, soil sampling and monitoring. Using Quantitative Risk Assessments for Human Health (CLEA) and Groundwater (EA Remedial Targets Methodology) and prepare factual and interpretative reports

We can:

  • Design and execute ground investigations, using the most appropriate technique, based on site conditions and following current guidelines, with soil description, in-situ testing and sampling
  • Install groundwater monitoring wells, with monitoring and sampling of soil gas and groundwater
  • Arrange chemical testing, determined from previous land-use and reference to CLR11 and DoE Industry Profiles, at UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories
  • Identify environmental risks and suggest appropriate mitigation measures
  • Prepare factual and interpretative reports, addressing the risks to human health, surface and groundwater
  • Carry out human health risk assessments,  undertaken as a two-tiered assessment, initially comparing contaminant concentrations with generic assessment criteria (GACs), which if exceeded, can be followed by a site-specific quantitative risk assessment