Earthworks Supervision

Earthworks schemes are often required prior to construction, particularly on large sites, to facilitate a flat and level development area. Large external yards and parking  further increase the requirement for cut and fill. Few development sites exist which can accommodate such large buildings and external yards without the need for some regrading and engineering of site won material. In many cases, extensive cut and fill programmes are required.

Grange GeoConsulting is frequently appointed by general contractors and specialist earthworks contractors to provide independent technical and contractual advice and guidance on earthworks schemes designed and supervised by others.

Case Study

Grange Geo Consulting supervised the earthworks as part of the re-development of the former Rossington Colliery near Doncaster. The works consisted of the remediation of the former lagoon areas and coke works, and involved the following works-

  • cut and fill operation of approx 350,000m³ of colliery spoil;
  • removal of all concrete structures and excavation to 4m bgl to remove a layer of soft peat;
  • construction of a 1km section of roadway to highway specification;
  • bio-remediation of contaminated spoil;
  • construction of a platform for housing and retail development.