Phase 2 Ground Investigation in Chesterfield


Following on from our machine excavated trials holes at this site in Chesterfield we were back on site this week with a Dynamic Sampling rig. A total of three boreholes were sunk across the site and groundwater and ground gas monitoring installations fitted. Samples were collected for geotechnical and contamination testing. The site lies over a former sewage works, and our client has plans to redevelop the site. As such we were tasked with obtaining the following information-

  • Foundation edge details including strip and pad foundation information
  • Foundation sizes including depth below slabs and foundation depth
  • Slab depth and reinforcement (top and bottom) including cover
  • Under slab membrane details and subgrade construction to slab
  • Ground conditions including foundation type (piled or traditional)
  • Geotechnical parameters, eg ground bearing pressure of supporting materials and composition
  • Comprehensive chemical analysis
  • Ground Gas information to confirm site characterisation.
  • Ground water levels.